Character Creation

So this is the character creation section for you all. So I wanted to do something none traditional and we all know the dice rollers can be hell. So to this end I rolled and created a set of stats.

Stats: 16-16-17-18-15-14

Level 5th

Hit Points: Max for level 1-3 roll for rest.

Alignment: Any but CE must be able to work with a party.

Races: Absolutely No Drow this game will at a point be featuring them as an enemy.

Feats: A single free feat a level in addition to all you get from race, level and class.

Treasure:10,500 gp

Skills: K.Local is available to everyone for the area they are from. When playing a cleric you have proficiency with the preferred weapon of your deity.


Sins Of The Fathers ||Forgotten Realms|| Shadowling