Thulikazt the Wicked


Thule stands an imposing nine foot foot tall with crimson skin and great horns that protrude from the side of his head. He is a study in elegance with the finest silk clothing that cover him demonic form. A large tail sweeps behind him with its serrated edge and it is known to be quiet prehensile for those who have unfortunately found themselves the target of his aggression. He is layered in muscle and his powerful legs end in large hooves. Malice seems to simply radiate from the duke of Baathor.

His eyes are dark and endless pools that often make people feel as though he is looking through them as opposed to at them. A cruel smile completes the picture with elongated fangs and an amused smirk most of the time.


One of the Dukes of Hell the Plane of Baator to be precise this demon lord rose through the ranks with his wicked sense of humor and his guile. He can be very charming and to this end has lured more than one wretched soul to its end. He appeared to the Ghost elves to many centuries ago and lured them into an infernal bargain which they fell for. He has since rules over them and taken delight in their prowess on the fields of battle either fighting each other for his amusement or his enemies.

He has spent to long languid on his throne believing that the King he had placed on the throne would always be revered by the other Ghost Elves. When the King’s wife started a rebellion it was to his delight though he did not show it that the King himself reported it to him, and with equal pleasure that it was the King he tasked with beheading his wife. Though not before Thule introduced the Queen to her replacement and the King mistress of over a thousand years. Make the betrayal all the more painful for the would be upstart.

His ownson despises him. Since he shows favor to one of the Ghost elves he calls his little songbird it is believed that once the currentGhost Elf King passes he will instate her upon the throne.


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