King Barathalus

King of the Ghost Elven People of Baator


The King of the Ghost Elves strikes an unusual figure having out lived his normal life span and having lived in Baator so long he has been infused with much of its magic. Some whisper corruption. Standing at a towering six foot for an elf. He is imposing when he rises to his full stature. A warrior from youth it was said in the past from birth. Though much of that rugged zest for life has gone out of him.

He is seen clad in golden robes of office and the Crown of Ash that he wears upon his weathered brow. His hair is long and white, and his eyes are a dark orange. He was handsome in his youth and has become regal with his age. Barathalus is known to have a powerful temper when it is roused.



King Barathalus

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