Long had the demon Lord Thulikazt oppressed the ghost elven people, since that foolish and quick choice they made in a no win situation. Though it was something that happened so many years ago during the Tempering. It would be only natural that they would survive and preserver under those conditions. They were able to set up their own royalty and their own traditions even within their slavery. There were whispers of revolting through the elven people often but most were to beat down and broken by the betrayal of their gods and the deceit of the demons and constant wars with the dark elves. It was a difficult life but it was what they knew.

There current ruler King Barathalus consoled against revolt since he was in a position where he did not loose anything where he was above the others and believed in the poisoned deceptions whispered in his ear by Thule. He did not see or so his beloved wife Maratriel thought and she began to organize those that would stand against the demon lord and his minions. She desperately wanted her husband’s support and this would be her downfall. As she spoke to him of it. This troubled him and allowed for corruption to seep deeper into his soul. Taking a secret consort Quadira the elven king did not realize he was going to destroy all that he had worked so hard to keep-his family.

Enraged by this Thulikatz demanded that the King make an example of his Queen and there was a collective fear of what would happen to them. No one expected him to behead her himself. Driving a wedge between he an his oldest son and heir.

Battle lines were drawn and the rebellion has grown up in the death of a Queen who only wanted freedom for her children and her family to have freedom. Growing lax thinking his servants truly broken he did not realize that changes were come and that the death of a Queen would herald his own destruction.

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